《CASEC中华艺术团》始建于2009年,现有天鹅舞队和阳光乐队20余人,每年都有大约有4场规定的大演出和20次左右各种随意参加的演出。宗旨在于以表演艺术来宣传,继承和分享中国文化。通过理解和欣赏艺术来加强中国各社团之间以及和美国组织之间的联系。我们将会不断地吸收有质量的舞蹈和乐队演员来加强组织建设。欢迎登陆 www.chineseperformingartsgroup.com 或 FaceBook.com 浏览 "Chinese Performing Arts Group"。联系人及电话:孟锦红/Monica Shang/莫公主 (561)827-2048。

Our Mission

Chinese Performing Arts Group, CASEC, was founded in 2009, and now with 20+ members in Swan Dance Team and Sunshine Music team. Every year we have about 4 regular big shows and around 20 other shows to be participated as you like.

It strives to promote, preserve and share Chinese culture via the performing arts. An understanding and appreciation of art will serve to strengthen the relationships among local Chinese communities and organizations with the United States and China.

We constantly recruit high quality dance and music pursuer to join our group. You are welcome to visit us at www.chineseperformingartsgroup.com or at FaceBook.com by searching "Chinese Performing Arts Group". Contact person and phone number: 孟锦红/Monica Shang/莫公主 (561)827-2048.